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Letter to KWS London

Why to have library in a karainagar.

Library is more than a collection of books. Library encourages students and children to develop  a reading habit. By reading books by different authors  a reader is able to gain greater insight  that will  provide a reference,inspiration, an idea or broaden the  knowledge and understanding towards the subject studied.
Library provides a path to  progress for students who demonstrate a  hunger for  knowledge. They get better idea and understanding by borrowing and reading books from library. Everyone cannot afford to buy all the books. By  borrowing and returning books, student is disciplined to read the books quickly  as he or she has to  return the books on time. If they had books of their own, they may not be motivated to study that hard as they don’t have to return them. This is a very effective way to make use of library books. This teaches them self  discipline on borrowing books from a library.
Library plays a very important role in the society by nurturing students and children with more imaginative idea for their passion and vision. Library provides references such as Encyclopaedia and large dictionaries which not many people can afford to buy. They provide many resources on science inventions and journals for students. Library provides audio visual resources for the students to borrow and self-study certain subjects or training courses through programmed learning approach
Many children and students love reading. But they cannnot  afford to buy books due to the high cost  of books. When one becomes a member of a library, he or she can borrow valuable books. Libraries continue to play a major role in fostering literacy, especially among those  needing assistance in developing literacy skills (e.g., preschool and elementary school children).
Normally children with low reading scores are  from low-income working families.Through library, children are encouraged to spend more time with books.
Public Library reading programs played an important role in the reading achievement of children who lack access to books and other reading materials in their daily lives. Library resources encourage parents to become involved in children's reading.
You are welcome to donate  money to buy books for this library under construction.You may ALSO  wish  to donate  books which you may not be using at home or work, to make them available in the proposed library in Karainagar(KASL) to benefit our Karainagarans eking out a living in our homeland.


For more information, please call
Seetha Ratnakumar on +612 9642 6495 or write by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Komala Satchithanandha on +612 8011255 or write by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please inform your friends to be a part of helping community to Karainagar with a gift of books in a library.
We are thankful to all who come forward and be part of this mission to help children and students in Karainagar.

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